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    Stop the running Thread


      i am calling the thread .in the midlle of running thread i have to stop the thread .please help me .

      my senario like . I am calling the scripts . i am wating certain period to complete the script exection . if the scripts are not available its still wating for a long time . so i am using the thread to execute the scripts and (main thread )checking each duration is completed or not . if the duration completed i am stoping the thread with Thread.Stop() method . but the thread still is alive . next time when i call Thread.Start() its throwing "java.lang.IllegalThreadStateException".
      please help me this .
      Thanks in advance

      public class TestCaseScriptProcessor extends Thread {

      public String execute(){

      TestCaseScriptProcessor caseScriptProcessor = new TestCaseScriptProcessor();

      caseScriptProcessor .start();// second time throwing java.lang.IllegalThreadStateException.

      while (!isExpired) {


      public void run() {


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          Don't give only half the information. Post the -exact- error you're getting, including the message and the stack trace.
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            What exactly are you trying to do? Calling Thread.stop( ) is inherently a bad idea (see the Javadocs).

            You are getting a IllegalStateException because Thread.stop( ) kills the thread, you would need to create a new thread to resume execution.

            If what you are trying to do is pause execution, you probably want to redesign your thread's tasks into smaller chunks that can be launched separately. Alternatively, have the thread check it's interrupted state and if a flag was set block on a monitor until you want it to resume execution.
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              Thanks for u r suggestion i am getting

                   at java.lang.Thread.start(Unknown Source)