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    Invoice Validation menu

      I have to restrcit the validation of invoice for a particular responsibility created in Oracle R-12 . Is there any menu/ function that I can disable? Pls let me know a way to do this.

      Note: I don't want to restrict the validation across entire L.E.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Form personalization should work.

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            Help > Diagnostics > Custom Code > Personalize

            Seq: 10
            Description: Validate Display Off [anything meaningful for you]
            Level: Function

            Condition Tab:
            Trigger Event: WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE
            Trigger Object: INV_SUM_ACTIONS.APPROVE
            Processing Mode: Both

            Under Context, Select Level as Responsibility and select your responsibility for which this needs to be disabled.

            Actions Tab:
            Seq: 10
            Type: Property
            Language: All
            Object Type: Item
            Target Object: INV_SUM_ACTIONS.APPROVE
            Property Name: UPDATE_ALLOWED (ITEM-INSTANCE)
            Value: False

            Save and Click on "Apply Now"

            Now goto AP Invoice > Actions > Now you can see Validate is disappeared from the responsibility you selected above.

            There could be another solution for this. I tried like this and worked for me.