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    error in package execution

      iam new to odi.here i am posting my doubt @ i have 10 interfaces in a package.while executing 5th interface is failed but i want execute from failed interface
      how can we do please suggest me
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          Hi and welcome,

          On the operator tab, you can right click on your session and choose "restart".

          Hope it helps.

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            hi joremFr no its not worked i tried as you said.for first time i executed my package successfully.but for second time executing it failed at 5th step due to that failure step my pkg aborted.i fix that bug and restarted the session as you said but i has'nt work.if executing my package it starts from 1st step on wards.but my intention is i want start from failed step if execute the package again....... can anybody help.
            thanks in advance

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              I just tried it again and it works perfectly on my side.

              Here are the steps I followed :
              - Create a package with a dummy procedure and an interface with error.
              - Run the package. Dummy procedure ends successfully and the execution fails at the second tasks on the interface.
              - Go to the operatar, expand Date -> Today (or all executions, or ...)
              - Right click on the execution of my package
              - Select restart. The package starts at the second tasks (integration) of the second step (interface) as expected.

              Which version of ODI do you use ?
              Are your steps executed synchronously ?
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                iam using odi 11.1.3.i am executing synchonously.
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                  it is starting from second step only but still giving error after fixerror and restart that pkg.but it succesed again if i run pkg after fix the error there it is starts from 1st step only
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                    I think the change within an interface are not propagated to past-launched execution. All the steps of this execution are already written in the work repository. So if you relaunch it, it will use the same code. This restart feature is only useful for change at database level (e.g. grant a new priv, add a partition, ...).
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                      hi boss
                      thanks for your answer.is there any alternate solution for that.i have an idea. can we use both OK and KO on failure step.even though its failure it goes to next and all.so pkg will execute successfully.if we give like this instead of END select execute step to NEXT STEP in processing after failure of properties.
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                        Sure you can do that. Just don't forget to review the execution status of all your steps after each execution.
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                          yes i have done that.my package executed successfully with the condition of KO even though 3rd step is failed.i jst need alternate solution for this as i want.whenever anybody get the solution please post here

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                            yes i have resolved my issue. by using load plans we can execute step where i was failed. thanks to loadplans it very flexibility to execute parallel or sequential conditionally.
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                              Friends i am new to ODI i have completed ODI training, can i expect openings,i know sqlplsql and OBIEE 10G
                              How is feature on odi plse give your suggessions

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                                Hi Rajuk,

                                please open a new thread and ask precise questions.