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    Minimum OBIEE setup to run nqcmd on DAC/Infa Server

      Hi Folks,

      Can anyone suggest.. minimum OBIEE 11g setup required to run nqcmd Command on DAC/Infa server, if it is possible approch?

      Basically, we want to purge OBIEE server cache from DAC/Infa Server installed on different servers.
      We have already tried remote command execution with ssh without password.. its works great from commandline but when we invoke same from Infa/DAC it gives hostkey verification error.

      So we are now thinking of setting up basic OBIEE utilities which will have nqcmd and ODBC DSN setup on DAC/Infa server, to purge OBIEE Cache on other OBIEE server.

      All suggestions are welcome and appreciated !

      Thanks in Advance!