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    withlding tax invoice is not creating

    rehan ali

      withholding tax invoice is not generating at the time of payment but it is calculating only.

      Create standard invoice Rs 100
      Attach payment withlding tax on line 6%
      Validate and approve
      Crate payment with Rs 94(deduct Rs 6%)

      Check withlding tax line on standard invoice line and it is available there with negative Rs6

      But system doesnt create withholding tax invoice for Rs 6?

      Setup is withlding tax at the time of payment and create withlding tax at payment
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          Setup > Options > Payable Options
          Goto Withholding tax tab
          our setup here is
          Create Withholding Invoice - At Invoice validation time.

          Withholding invoice is getting created for us.
          On the Invoices workbench, query for Type: Withholding Tax

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            rehan ali
            Yes it is generating withholding tax invoice when i create invoice from recurring and then pay,it automatically create withholding tax invoice.

            But why it is not creating when i simply create invoice and pay?

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              rehan ali

              I checked the difference b/w normal standard invocie and generating invoice from recurring and found the difference only in header PAYMENT WITHHOLDING TAX GROUP.

              When i not to choose payment wihthloding tax group in invoice header and select only in line,and validate and payment,it deduct withholding tax OK but not create withholding tax invoice?

              But when i select payment withholding tax group on INVOICE header level,than it create withholding tax invoice as well as deduct on payment amount.

              Is it mandatory to select withholding tax group on header level?