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    Usage of "not known" and "not unknown"

      Why I cant use "not known" and "not unknown" like the person's status is not known or the person status is not unknown?
      When I try to use, OPA creates a new boolean attribute.

      Can someone explain why?
      What are other alternative to these?

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          Ben Rogers
          "not known" and "not unknown" aren't actually OPM keywords.
          The correct ones are:

          ..var.. is [currently] unknown (i.e. "not known")
          ..var.. is known / is currently known (i.e. "not unknown")

          Check the function reference (OPM Help---Function Reference)
          or the web link:


          OPM is interpreting these as Boolean statements as it hasn't found any special keywords.

          Also...make sure "the person's status" is declared as a variable when using "..var.. is unknown" and "..var.. is known"