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    ASMLib - convert powerpath to multipath


      Here's the thing. Today We are using Oracle ASMLib and powerpath.
      We've created the disks like this:

      oracleasm createdisk DISK1 /dev/emcpoweraj1

      So, we need to convert the powerpath to multipath.
      If those disks were created on ASMLib with pseudo name /dev/emcpoweraj1, what must I do to convert to dm ou multipath?
      Is there any documentation about this kind of operation or migration?

      What can I do to convert powerpath to multipath on ASMLib?

      Thank you very much!!!!
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          Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

          for ASMLib it is not important, how the disks are presented. ASMLib (scandisks) will identify the disks due to the first few bytes on the disk (all createdisks does is write the NAME of the disk onto the first bytes of the disk).
          Only thing you probably have to do is reconfigure ASMLib (SCAN_INCLUDE and SCAN_EXCLUDE) to not scan SDX drives but only the DM* devices presented by Multipath.

          Then a scandisks/listdisks should show you your files again, and everything should work as expected.