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    Associated Specs

      Currently we are able to 'Add New' Associated Specs under the Related Specs Tab for Ingredient, and process specifications (as shown in the Config setting below). When are only given the option in the drop down for Trade and Ingredient specifications, how do we go about updating the available specification types in the drop down?

      <AssociatedSpecsConfiguration configChildKey="key">
      <add key="1004" value="SearchableView:Config:ProdikaSettings/SearchableMultiSelectViews,IngredientSpecAssociatedSpecView" />
      <add key="1011" value="SearchableView:Config:ProdikaSettings/SearchableMultiSelectViews,ProcessSpecAssociatedSpecView" />

      Thank you for the help.
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          Ron M-Oracle
          Which spec types do you want to add
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            I would like Process Specifications to show up in the drop down, how would i add them?

            thank you.
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              Here's the instructions for configuring Associated Specs.

              1.     Define the EQT Searchable View Model
              a.     Open %PRODIKA_HOME%\Extensions\GSMSpecViews.xml
              b.     Create a new view by pasting a copy of <CompleteAssociatedSpecView></CompleteAssociatedSpecView>
              c.     Rename your copied <CompleteAssociatedSpecView> to <YOURNAMEAssociatedSpecView>
              d.     Remove all Allowed Models that you do not want to be available. See Figure 1
              e.     Save & Close

              2.     Configure on the Associated Specification
              a.     Open %PRODIKA_HOME%\Config\Custom\CustomerSettings.config
              b.     In <AssociatedSpecsConfiguration configChildKey=”key”>, add the following key:
              <add key="SPECTYPEKEY" value="SearchableView:Config:ProdikaSettings/GSMSpecViews,YOURNAMEAssociatedSpecView" />
              See Figure 2
              c.     Save & Close

              3.     Open the Data Admin Toolkit widget for Associated Specification Types
              4.     Switch the type to the specification type of interest
              5.     Click Add New
              a.     Add a Host Name (ex. Parent)
              b.     Add a Target Name (ex. Child)
              c.     Change Status to Active
              See Figure 3
              6.     Click Save
              7.     Run the generated script against the DB
              8.     Restart IIS
              9.     Login to GSM, open your specification of interest and test
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                Some of this appears it will work for 5.2.2, but the widget does not appear to be avialalbe in the version we are in. Can you please specify the ability in version 5.2.2, thank you.
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                  It looks like it came out with EP 2.3 and EP 2.3 should support 5.2 File a ticket with support to see if there is an issue with running the toolkit with 5.2.2
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                    Matt J-Oracle
                    Confirmed EP 2.3 includes the Associated Specification Types widgit and Process Specifications as a selection is available.