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Type Table reference lost on Upgrading from 10g Express to 11g Express

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I have a problem regarding Type Table Referencing. I have a Type table in one schema and this table is referenced in a Stored procedure in another schema. This was working in 10g Express database.

On upgrading the 10g Express to 11g Express the reference by property of the Type table lost the reference of the Stored procedure of the other schema. The Stored Pocedure is now showing the error

PLS-00201: identifier "TEMP.TBL" must be declared

The "TEMP.TBL" is declared in another schema.

Please suggest as to which privilege should be given so that "TEMP.TBL" which is created in one schema can be used in another schema.

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    Your question isn't clear. Provide the specifics about your types, tables and procedure.

    What is a 'Type table'? How is that table referenced?

    One possibility is that there is a privilege missing.

    In stored procedures priviliges to objects (e.g. to tables) need to be granted directly to the user and not thru a role.

    So if the table is in the SCOTT schema and the user that owns the procedure is HR then HR needs to be granted privileges to the table directly


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