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    Problem with dblink in Oracle Forms 6i

      I hava a problem and i try to compile a form that use a dblink when i start to compile the form the IDE is close and no errors are shown. That someone know what can i do for it ??...

      The Dblink is defined like this way:

      sqlstr := 'SELECT ' ||
      The_Columns ||
      wFilter || The_Grp_Columns;

      this part of code is generating the query dinamically, but i can't compile the form, i just need to change the schema for STWBMS.CSI_0_DAY_ONE_GROUP@IMM and also if i remove this part of code that use the dblink the form compile without problem.

      The version of mi Bada base is Oracle 9i, but the system (Oracle Form) in my enviroment use Oracle DataBase 8i.

      I hope someone can help me.