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    how to asmcmd cp non ASM files to ASM on a remote node

      We have a 8TB database, RDBMS 11,1. on Solaris 10, non ASM. Need to copy the 1290 files to remote node of AIX ASM to prepare for a upgrading to

      We tried to use asmcmd cp to copy the files directly from non ASM too ASM remotely, but did not work.

      $ asmcmd cp -ifr fttr@prp3.dev:/oradata/prdsdev/datafiles/dev_4.dbf +PRDSU_DATA/PRDSU/TEMPFILE/dev_4.dbf
      Enter password: ********
      Argument "normal" isn't numeric in numeric ge (>=) at /optware/oracle/ line 1676.
      ORA-01031: insufficient privileges (DBD ERROR: OCISessionBegin)

      We were using the user fttr. Do we need to login as SYSASM, do we need to go through OS auth, any other privilege required. What instance do we need to login, regular database that is using the data files, or ASM instance is goin g to manage the files.

      Thanks in advance