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    EM 12cR2 Cannot monitor UCM 10GR3

      Hi All

      The autodiscovery is not recognizing the O UCM 10g R3 Oracle Universal Content Management Server 10g R3 after the host install (linux generic agent) therefore is not being monitored (obviously we restarted the agents etc)

      We tryed the manual target install but it is either not monitoring the UCM, since in the config it sends you to a screen in which you type only three values but that are not any related to the UCM

      There are no network issues since the remote target install was done succesfully and there are other hosts that are running correctly so far

      The Em12g has all the default management packs, I tried to run the autodiscovery again but before that I would like to ask to the forum if there is something missing?

      OEL 5.3 64 bit
      Em 12c R2
      Agent generic Linux 64 bit
      UCM 10g R3

      Thanks for any of your valuable feedback