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    ADF Custom Components no longer working

      I upgraded my java to the newest version of java and now none of my browsers will run my ADF custom component. When I am in the same version of jdeveloper that I was using ( and using the same code that I checked into subversion that I tested was working now the code brings up a webpage that sits with a spinning O and says Loading. I can actually press reload and then it gives me a non-interactive version of the page that somehow has the svg render output for my component but does not respond to events and seems to be a dead version of the page. The demo I am trying to run is based on the ADF Web Developer's Guide section 30 example of a TagPane ADF custom component and the documentation for the component is: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/web.1111/b31973/ad_custom.htm#CHDJIEDB I am not sure specifically what I should do to keep compatible with Java, the component was running with no issues this morning and after the updates I just get a spinning O and my component has died on me. I kept a copy of the base component to demo just in case something like this happened. I would be happy to give anyone a copy of the custom component, it's available through subversion if you are Oracle internal, and I really don't know how to proceed here since I didn't make code changes and somehow the component is just dead. There aren't any meaningful error messages that I get, just a spinning O.