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    Definite Way to Determine Patch Level / Patch Cluster Version?

      Operating System is Solaris 10 x86 09/10

      I need to know what is the official way to determine what was the latest patch cluster applied to the system.

      I have tried the following:
      uname -a
      showrev -p
      cat /etc/release

      They give me the Solaris version, patches applied, and kernel versions but they do not give me the name or version of the latest patch set/cluster applied.

      For example, I know that the patch set for 01/2013 was applied. How can I prove this? Is there a command that will display that?

      Is there another way to show the dates of the latest patches applied?

      Basically I need to be able to show a third-party that the system has been updated to a certain date. Right now I have a feeling that if they see 09/10 they will assume that is when the system was last updated.

      Thank you in advance.