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    OAM 11g R2 - Filter in OAM

      Hi guys,

      Is it possible to put a filter in OAM 11g R2, In a given Ou i need to restrict certain user based on attribute. i was not able to see any filter option in OAM. i looked in plugins in ldap module i found KEY_LDAP_FILTER     i put a filter there it was not working. is there any other place we put filter or i am doing something wrong.

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          i am able to run the filter but problem is that i am not able to add username to it
          (&(objectClass=user)(Department=Secondary)) but i am not able to get the user name dynamically from OAM. is it possible to that.
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            Any idea how to pass user name in this filter ... i am stuck in this point with this.. need you help in this
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              In an authentication module you can modify the KEY_LDAP_FILTER as you suggest, and you can use {KEY_USERNAME} to pass the user name credential to the filter, for example include:
              in the filter. This contains the credential valiue, not the user's attribute (because we don't have a logged-in user at this stage), so I'm not sure if this is what you need.

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                Thanks colin...
                Able to figure it out spend all weekend to do that... had to decompile all jars
                it works for me , i have added (samaccountname={KEY_USERNAME}) to my existing filter (&(objectClass=user)(Department=Secondary)) so it is only allowing user who are in Secondary.

                Thanks Colin