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    Cannot change Interactive Report text using APEXIR_PRIMARY_REPORT

    Ted Martin

      My users want to change the built-in french (canadian) translation for the Primary Report text - from "Etat principal" to "Rapport principal".

      I have been trying to do this by setting an explicit value for the "APEXIR_PRIMARY_REPORT" translation as per Oracle® Application Express Application Builder User's Guide
      Release 4.1 Translating Messages chapter.

      My problem is that although I have defined with the "Create and manage text messages" within the Translation section of the Shared Components, it has no effect. Here is what I have set.

      APEXIR_PRIMARY_REPORT en-us Main Report
      APEXIR_PRIMARY_REPORT fr-ca Rapport principal

      After the change I did a seed+publish but the text displayed in both languages stays with the default.

      I am using Application Express on Oracle 11g R2 ( Using Internet Explorer 8.

      Has anyone been able to get this to work? Are there a specific sequence of steps I must follow?