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    APEX Listener 2.0 - RESTful Services Failure with  404 - Not Found

      Versions used:
      * APEX Listener
      * Application Express
      * Oracle Database

      When testing the sample RESTful Service Module oracle.example.hr I always get 404 - Not Found page.

      I followed the documentation to install and configure APEX 4.2 and the Listener 2.0. Everything in my APEX installation works fine except RESTful Services.

      For example, when calling this RESTful Service:


      I get a 404 page.

      The corresponding entry in url-mapping.xml is:

      <pool base-path="/DEV" name="od01" workspace-id="xxuapex"/>

      where xxuapex is the name of the schema as well as the workspace where the RESTful Service is installed.

      Moreover, the corresponding od01.xml, od01_rt.xml and od01_al.xml in the conf directory seem correct.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Eddie Awad.