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    Installing Java SE JDK on top of JRE?

      Hi List,

      this is my first post here and I just have a somewhat general question about best
      software installation practices. I want to install the Java SE JDK on my Windows
      x86 system and already have the JRE 7 on it.

      Now there are two choices I see myself having:

      1. deinstall JRE 7 and install a freshly downloaded JDK 7, which includes the JRE.


      2. simply install JDK 7 over JRE 7.

      Are there any differences? Maybe it doesn't even matter how I do it, but this is
      something I don't know?

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          This is basics of the basics of windows usage you're asking about. If you want to be lazy just install, if you want to be safe uninstall and then install. Either way, it all depends on how you've treated your software installation what the end result is going to be. If you have a clean system either way will work just fine.