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    ant-javafx.jar seperate download?

      I'm working on a build script which depends on the improvements to the packaging tasks that are, I believe, still only available in the version of ant-javafx.jar that comes with Java 8. I wondered if that jar was available by itself anywhere, since users of the build script might be using java 7. If that were the case I could create a step to download a copy of the updated ant tasks and use those rather than what they have installed on their machine. I noticed that these had been opensourced and were now included in the OpenJFX project ( http://hg.openjdk.java.net/openjfx/8/master/rt/file/e25ee61a987d/deploy/packager/ ) , which was what gave me the thought that this might be possible. If they aren't currently available for download anywhere, is it permitted to host this jar myself or bundle it with my build script somehow ?

      Of course I can always just show the user an error message telling them they need to install JDK 8, but was trying to avoid this if possible. Thanks.