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    Migration_11G_components issue

    Santosh Pradhan
      Hi ,

      M in big trouble ...

      My migration plan was

      1.Take expdp from 10g(enterprise
      2.Install Oracle Enterprise 11g(
      3.Create database mannualy(not by DBCA) on RAW devices.....
      3.Import dump in 11g

      But when after i i installed software completely and checked :
      select COMP_ID,COMP_NAME ,VERSION,STATUS from dba_registry;
      ---------- ---------------------------------------- --------------- --------
      CATALOG Oracle Database Catalog Views VALID
      CATPROC Oracle Database Packages and Types VALID

      shokked... only 2 components were installed ... where are other components....
      plz guide me ............

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          Is there any specific reason you did not use dbca?

          Make sure that you have followed all steps from the listed below document:


          After manual database creation have you executed the following scripts:
          Sys user:
          System user:
          X A H E E R
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            During Manual DB creation, we execute catalog.sql and catproc.sql
            So it will create only catalog and catproc components.
            To get other components you need to execute sql files available for those components
            To know components and respective sql files, kindly refer
            Information On Installed Database Components and Schemas (Doc ID 472937.1)

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              Hemant K Chitale
              Raw devices are deprecated. In fact usage of DBCA for datafiles on raw devices is not supported in 11.2
              You shouldn't be using raw devices even if you do a manual database creation.

              The other, serious, risk with manual database creation is that you may not know which scripts are necessary. It was only in V7 (and maybe 8.0) that catalog.sql and catproc.sql were sufficient. Since 8i, Oracle has been introducing additional scripts.

              What I prefer to do is to use DBCA to generate the create database scripts first. I then review the scripts, identify all the additional scripts that are executed. I then run the DBA generated scripts. At most, I might edit the script for datafile directory names or (when I copy scripts from one server to another) the location of $ORACLE_HOME. But I would not remove any of the scripts that DBCA generates.

              Hemant K Chitale
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                Santosh Pradhan
                Thank u very much .....

                Now i have got wht would be my next step....

                Thanx again....