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    4.2: Getting ORA-01476 when creating mobile report region with search

      DB is 11i, newly downloaded Apex 4.2 version. I can reproduce this quite easily.

      Create a new application, using the JQuery mobile interface. Create a new page (or a new region on existing page) that is a report region. Give it a name, use all defaults for the Display Attributes stage. Give it a query for source - could be just a select * from table. Under Report Attributes, keep all defaults except "Enable Search" Select Yes and then pick one column or more for the search columns. USe defaults for Conditional Display - then create region and you get:

      Error creating page region.

      ORA-01476: divisor is equal to zero

      If you turn search off - it creates this fine. Seems we can't use search on reports right now? Is there a workaround?