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    how to break out PXE boot loop, and get to "boot>" prompt?

      I believe the system is confgured to boot PXE, and we want to change it to the internal disk, since PXE is not setup.

      how do I break out the PXE boot loop and get to boot> prompt, or what key I should hit? once I get to it, how do i list and see the bootable disk?

      the following is the message I am getting from the console:
      Reboot and Select proper Boot device
      or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key


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          The boot device is usually defined in the system BIOS or non-volatile memory. You probably need to restart the system, press F1 or DEL or ESC key to enter the BIOS (CMOS) setup. Then change the boot device order, giving the hard disk or DVD media a higher priority than the network device. In non of the attached devices have a bootable system, try starting the system using a standard OS installation DVD.
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