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    Access to form allowing SQL query

      Hi all,

      I have extracted a list of users who could access forms that allow SQL query such as
      Define Descriptive Flexfield Segments (FND_FNDFFMDC)
      Define Value Set (FND_FNDFFMVS)
      Define Validation Templates (ONT_OEXPCFVT)

      I need to remove accounts who could access the above forms due to security issue from the best practices

      However, when I asked my user (who has access to above forms) to login to Oracle ebs, he is unable to navigate to the form listed above. Is there another application setting that forbid my user to access the above forms?

      Thank you in advance

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          Kashif Manzoor
          Please create your own responsibilities covering required menu and functions. you can exclude these menus/functions from responsibilities.
          would suggest to review