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    problem in populating lookup values based on the lookup query from database

    Nagaraju Chowdary
      HI all

      I have problem of population look-up values based on look-up query

      I am giving the details what i am trying

      I need to populate the values from the UD_LDAP_USR table into the field of UD_USRGRPC_NisNetTriple of type lookup

      i planned to set the properties of lookup as like this

      look up query as select UD_LDAP_USR_COMMON_NAME as NisNetTriple from UD_LDAP_USR
      ColumnNames as UD_LDAP_USR_COMMON_NAME
      Column captions as UD_LDAP_USR_COMMON_NAME
      Column width as 30
      Lookup Column Name as UD_LDAP_USR_COMMON_NAME

      But when i try to add ColumnName as wht i mentioned above i m getting invalid property exception,update failed

      I am not sure about that are we able to use other Connector table prefix with UD into the another processFrom

      Let me give update on this issue
      Urgent,struck my work here