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    jquery and webcenter spaces not working

      I am using the jquery code below to hide/show tables depending on what year is selected in my un-ordered list.

      It loads the tables correctly when the page initially loads but when I click on one of the selections to display a different table it shows up but then the cursor spins for a bit and the previous table is displayed and it appears the whole page refreshes...

      Any ideas what maybe causing this? is it some kind of cache setting? I don't have access the to server settings, I can only have access to edit/create pages and spaces.


      $("#archiveTables table").hide();
      $("#archiveTables table:first").show();

      $("#archiveBUTTONS a").click(function()
      $("#archiveTables table").hide();
      var className=$(this).attr("id");
      var objToShow= $("."+className);



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          I'm nor really into JQuery however, why do you not use standard ADF functionality?
          You can use the rendered attribute to specify when the table has to be rendered.

          Perhaps this piece of documentation can help.

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            I am not that familiar with adf, but wouldn't this have to be made in jdeveloper?

            I only have access to the web interface, so I must build my pages using the tools in webcenter. I am making content boxes with the html component used to design the pages.

            The reason I am trying to use jquery or if anyone has a better solution, to show hide tables is for an archive of files by year. I have about 1000+ spaces that will have require a page with a yearly table archive of data. Before switching to oracle webcenter this was done using jsp include's to show a certain year's data based on a button that was clicked.

            Initially I had hoped to use content presenter's to complete this task but the servers cannot handle the load resulting in a poor experience for users and errors. Because of this people above me are requesting pages to be made with standard html so not as many queries are loading webcenter.