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    unable to run report

      db and dev 10grel2,xp sp2
      hi all,
      iam trying to run report from within forms builder through a button ,
      i used this command to run my server : rwserver server="myserver" auto=yes and it runs well .

      i created a report object (report5) on the form which has the button to run the report .
      when i clicked on the reports node on the navigator to create the report object , i've assigned "myrep" as the file name of the report , and not based on a data block , then created the report of dnames of scott schema .

      then closed the reports builder without saving it in any other format .

      then i've written this code in the when button pressed trigger :
           rp report_object ;
           v varchar2(90) ; 
           rp := find_report_object('report5') ; 
           v := run_report_object(rp) ; 
      end ; 
      - nothing wrong with the code , then i ran the form , pressed the button to find :
      frm-41214 unable to run report .
      when i looked at the online help , it told me nothing but
      Cause:  The report server was unable to run the specified report.
      Action:  Check the Report server and make sure it is up and running.
      and i checked and it's running and up .
      what should i do ?
      thanks in advance
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