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    Unable to get value from backingbean using EL Expression in ADF JSF page.


      My JSF Page Containing 2 UI Components
      1. Empno which is InputCombobox List of Values.
      2. Ename which is Inputtext box.

      When Value Selected from List of values, we declared backing bean to capture the new selected value(through ValueChangeListener)
      For the new value we passed PL/SQL Procedure we get Ename from Backend and Store that value in
      Backing Bean (private String Ename).

      Now we Assign this value to Ename(UIComponent) using EL Expression in value attribute of Property Inspector as #{backingbean.EmployeeBean.Ename}

      BeanName : EmployeeBean
      Ename : Attribute as private String Declared in EmployeeBean.

      we are unable to populate value what we capture from Database PL/SQL Procedure in JSP Page.

      Please help us how to solve it.


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