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    Group Vote Dynamic List

      Can we have a group vote based on a dynamic List that is the output of previous Human Task? Please suggest

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          Dan Atwood
          Try passing in a comma separated string that contains the list of the user ids you captured in the previous human task into this human task.

          As you're defining the parallel, inidicate that you want to build the participant list using names and expressions. Specify that you want it defined by User and By Name and use the comma separated string as the value.

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            Thanks a million.

            Can u help me one more time.... what if each of the group member has filled in different values in the form which is given to them for approval, can i access each of this separately in BPM process and store them in different variables, knowing that these group members are dynamic and can vary from 2 to 7.

            Appreciate ur help.
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              Dan Atwood
              If you need to store the separate answers they each give, then you might instead want to consider using a Subprocess (multi-instance) instead of using a "group" human task.

              If you go this route, you would base how the multi-instance subprocess "bursts" your 2 to 7 items inside the subprocess on an array (collection) of business objects. Each item in the subprocess would indicate who the work item should be assigned to using a simple User interactive activity. When the user answers the question inside the interactive activity's human task, their answer would be stored in the array along with their user id.

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