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    How to install windows softwares?

      i am using Sun solaris and i want to install an application (Easy Wireless manager) to connect my system to Panasonic projector via LAN.

      is there any compatibly pack to install windows software on Sun system?
      Please help me its urgent.
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          You might think of using Google for this question.

          One possibility is <tt>Wine</tt>:
          Keep in mind that the latest stable version of it is from early 2012 and you may have to learn to compile your own working version of it before it is a functional tool. In any case you get no help with it here in the OTN forums. There are Wine forums all over the Internet.

          Please help me its urgent.
          For the future, you need to remember that there is no "urgent" here. These forums are for the end-user community to assist one another. This is NOT official Technical Support and there is no obligation that any post EVER get a response. Your time pressures are your problem, not anyone else's.
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            The only thing wine has ever done for me is to make me whine.

            Try VirtualBox if you have the same issue.