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    Windows EXE bundle installation replaces other application installation

      Hi !

      I'm facing a problem deploying my JavaFX appS :

      * Create native EXE bundles for two different applications, with different names and shortcuts enabled, using user location installation.
      * Install the first one named "FirstOne"
      * Everything is ok, the shortcut works
      * Install the second one named "SecondOne"

      => During the installation, we can see that the installation directory is the same as the first one
      => The second shortcut is created and works
      => The first shortcuts remains but points to the second app
      => There is no trace of the first app except this shortcut

      Environment : JDK 1.7u11 x64, Windows 7

      Am I missing something like an application ID so that Inno Setup configuration will properly distinguish the applications..?
      Let me know, else I'll file a bug in JavaFX Jira.

      Thanks in advance !