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    Does anyone know how Oracle Forms (11g) sets the V$SESSION.MODULE value?


      Older versions of forms required explicit calls to dbms_application_info package to set the name of the forms module (or other useful diagnostic info made visible on the database via v$session module, action and client_info).

      It seems that the application we currently manage (third party vendor) sets this, too. But I cannot find any call to DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO in the source fmb, pll, olb or any database package code called from the forms sessions.

      Can anybody confirm my suspicion that the V$SESSION.MODULE attribute is now being set by low-level Forms library code, independently of application code?

      If so, it's a great feature, I just want peace of mind! I've searched google, this forum and Oracle Support site for any reference to such a behaviour, but struck out.