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    iProcurement OAF Design

    Amit Goyal
      Hi All,

      I have 8 yrs OAF experience. This is my encounter with iProcurement. Looks like a complex module built in OAF :-) Is there any expert on the module out there, willing to help?

      General Question on the Module:

      I couldn't find "View and Checkout" button anywhere in /oracle/apps/icx/icatalog/shopping/webui/ShoppingHomePG and I didn't see any region being extended in the page. Obviously I am missing some basics. Oracle should actually release some design documentation on modules so that developers like us can get some help. Now I am only left with looking around decompiling files, just to understand how the shopping pages are working. Any help or documentation or sample code on this module is appreciated.

      Current problem at Hand:

      My functional team has added a new attribute in Requisitions header DFF ("Requisition Type") and they have added same attribute in Requisitions Line DFF ("Requisition Type") and another attribute in line dff called "Usage Type" which is dependent on "Requisition Type". They want that the value from the header dff attribute should get auto populated in the line dff attribute. i.e. Based on Requisiton Type in Header, Line level Usage type LOV is restricted.

      My Analysis:

      I realize that there is a RequistionSummaryVO on the checkout page. Whatever you enter in the line summary region, it gets punched to all the requistion lines. That's where the complexity is hitting me. I have also tried picking up the attribute from the header VO and punching the relevant attribute column in the lines VO, but no results.

      Any way to solve this problem (even if non OAF based) is welcome.

      Thanks in Advance,
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          Hi ,

          Since you want to default the value in dff , first you need identify the item style of the DFF field , you can obtain the item style
          from the link "About this page " , extend the controller class and incorporate the following code .

          If its an LovInput then :

          OAMessageLovInputBean TicketEligibleDff=(OAMessageLovInputBean)oawebbean.findIndexedChildRecursive("OfferDetailsFlex18");//replace your DFF ID
          if(TicketEligibleDff!= null)
          //here get the value which needs to be defaulted to DFF


          If its an Text Input then :

          OAMessageTextInputBean NoofTicket=(OAMessageTextInputBean) oawebbean.findIndexedChildRecursive("OfferDetailsFlex17");//replace your DFF ID
          if(NoofTicket!= null)

          Note : Its very Important to identify the ID of the DFF and use appropriate ID's in the above code

          Let me know if you need any help .

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            Amit Goyal
            Hi Keerthi,

            DFF fields are not static items I guess. They are rendered automatically by the framework and the item style for them is "flex". Moreover, as I have mentioned, I need to populated line dff attribute based on header dff attribute. that means I want to do it in the process form request. Hence I cannot do settext etc anyways or Can I????. I am still looking for someone who knows how these pages work.

            Request you to go through the problem carefully before replying.



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              Amit ,

              Remember ,Its always never the case that DFF item style should be "flex " ,the item style can be MessageTextInput / MessageLovInput etc ,
              no matter you are using PR / PFR there is absolutely nothing wrong in using method SetText () / setAttribute () methods to default
              the values .

              Note : Before discussing any further on this thread Would appreciate if you could go through some technical aspects of OAF and DFF .
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                Amit Goyal
                Hi Keerthi,

                It was nice talking to you on the phone. As discussed, as per Oracle documentation flexfields have item style of "flex".
                OAF automatically generates items for a DFF once you have an item of type "flex" in your page.

                As per our phone converstation, I understand that I now need to go to "View Source" of the page and check what is the item ID of the DFF segment field (that OAF has automatically generated) and then do a set text on that.

                Let me try that.