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    TimesTen xactCommit program

      I have a question that Process TimesTen xactCommit except:

      pth_signal.nsleep(??, ??) at 0x900000000581bb0
      sbSleep() at 0x900000000932e08
      sbSpinLatchGet() at 0x9000000009247f4
      sbSharedSpinLatchGetFn() at 0x9000000009e2abc
      sbIxTupDelete() at 0x900000000a43384
      reclaimLTup() at 0x900000000a19268
      sbLRCLTupOp() at 0x900000000a2fef4
      sbXactReclaim() at 0x900000000a75ed8
      sbXactCommit() at 0x900000000a794f8
      sb_xactCommitQ() at 0x9000000008fccdc
      NativeTxCommit_18_5() at 0x900000000f28b0c
      do_transact() at 0x900000000f741d4
      Commit(TTStatus&)() at 0x90000000290a224
      commit()(), line 55 in "Timesten_Env.cpp"
      CfMgr::run()(this = 0x00000001106406f0), line 339 in "CfMgr.cpp"
      main(argc = 3, argv = 0x0ffffffffffff518), line 25 in "main.cpp"

      why ??can help me!!!thank!