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    regarding rac data guard testing

      Hello Gurus

      i have created a data guard in rac environment rac 2 node.Its successfully configured.Now i want to show a drill activity to customer.
      But as its a production database i am avoiding the risk of showing switchover switchback.

      Also the customer does not want to shutdown the database.So i want to know can i activate the standby database for testing.I know if i open it once it the standby database would be corrupted but it will be alright for me i would create it again.Also i dont want the transactions for which we test on standby to be there on primary.

      I mean we just want to test the standby.
      So if i defer the log_archive_dest2 parameter and open the standby and do some transactions on it.Would it be fine OR it would impact my primary database also and there may be some conflict.

      Please clear what are the best ways for testing.