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    PropertyManager for BCC profiles


      I have a internalUsers.xml for InternalProfileRepository. Now by default, ATG BCC will look for the firstName by checking the firstNameProperty in PropertyManager
      I want to change this behaviour such that BCC can look at customFirstName property and set/get values from it. As of now, even if I am changing any property in atg/userprofiling/PropertyManager , teh values are coming as null. If i do check the old property value by hardcoding[getStringValueProperty("firstName")], the value is coming there.

      Can someone please guide me how to change this OOB behaviour and make BCC to look to my own custom properties.

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          Is there some reason you're creating a new customFirstName property instead of taking over firstName? Do you need both properties to exist? If you need to change the data type from string to something else, you can do that and keep the name the same. That would be easier than trying to figure out why PropertyManager isn't having the effect you want. Even if you figure out your PropertyManager issue, there may be other places that need to be reconfigured or overridden.