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    Oracle Tables Partitioning

      I am planning for table partitioning of existing tables...

      database is production 10gR1 i need it to upgrade to 11gR2 and also implement table partitioning. what should be the best way to do so with minimum downtime and zero data loss. Please advice. size of the tables are 20 to 40GB.. source database is in solaris and planning to migrate on linux.
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          So is your question about partitioning or upgrading?

          If upgrading...

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            my question is for partitioning with minimum downtime with zero data loss.
            the scenario is like
            I took a export of source table and create a new partitioned table with different name, then import the data into new table, drop the source table and rename the new partitioned table with the source tables's name. Its all fine because there will be very minimum downtime but here we will loss some data. It is because the transactions which are done in the mean time will not be in the exported file. Is there any way another..? I hope you got my question.
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              Take a look at the DBMS_REDEFINITION package.

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                Hemant K Chitale
                You can't be using DBMS_REDIFINITION if you want to run both the Upgrade and the table Partitioning (i.e. DBMS_REDEFINITION cannot be used across the upgrade).

                You should split these as two separate actions. I would recommend an Upgrade first followed by implementation of Partitioning later.

                You must test your Partitioning design in a test environment to see that it meets performance (query and DML) requirements and data maintenance requirements.

                Hemant K Chitale

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                  Please read

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                    thanks for the suggestions..i will try partition exchange. thanks a lot.