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    AD Trusted Reconciliation Issue in OIM 11g R2


      I am trying to reconcile the users from AD(Trusted Source) to OIM 11g R2.

      I gave object class as User. and User ID in search filter but by default ObjectCategory is getting added in my search filter.

      so my search query ends up something like..

      (&(ObjectCategory=Person)(&(objectclass=User)(uid=*******))) which is not correct for my AD.

      If I give any object class other than User I get following error:

      +oracle.iam.connectors.icfcommon.exceptions.IntegrationException: The value for a key [IntOrgPerson Configuration Lookup] is not defined in the provided map.+

      Though I have given this value in Lookup.Configuration.ActiveDirectory.Trusted ....

      How can I update or remove this ObjectCategory field from my query.


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