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    Loading Excel Data Into Oracle Forms 10G

      Hi All,

      We have a requirement in our project to design a form (10G).

      The Design of the Form should be as below.

      1) Form consists of a Single data block and it should have a button named upload.

      2) Here the functionality of the upload button is the key. When the user clicks on the upload button, a dialogue box should appear to him with browse option.

      3) Once he presses on the browse option he should able to browse the Excel file from the local system and should be able to load in the Form.

      4) Before data gets inserted we need to validate it and then insert the Data.

      Could you please help me with you inputs as to how to get this dialogue box with browse option and how to parse through the data present in the excel. Thank You.

      Thanks and Regards
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          Did your search this forum and google for this.. ?

          If not, search this forum here is lots of example for you.


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            Hi Hamid,

            Thanks for your response, i did try searching within this forum and in google, did find some examples, but couldn't get a appropriate hit. Please send me a which you can be useful for me.

            Thanks and Regards
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              Half the battle is knowing which tool to use. In order to import data from Excel into your database through Oracle Forms, you need to use the WebUtil library. Oracle Forms 10g comes with the library, but you need to download and configure the Java Com Bridge (JACOB.jar) Java archive/library. Search the Oracle Forms Help system on Configuring Webutil. This will give you three results. Print off the Runtime Setup Checklist and Configuring WebUtil topics and follow the checklist as you are reading the Configuring WebUtil topic. Make sure you complete each configuration step.

              Once configured, search the Forum for "Import Excel using WebUtil" and you will find numerous threads on this subject.

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                Hi Craig

                Thanks for your response. Will try out the steps suggested by you.

                Thanks and Regards
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                  Hello Srinivas,

                  first step should be to make sure what kind of file it really is. Sometimes a simple CSV file is called an Excel file while it could be handled more simply when it is treated as a simple text file. When it is an Excel file, then it can make a difference whether it is an XLS or an XLSX format.

                  As long as you use OLE functionality it will make no difference, yet when you have to handle it without Excel installed it will make a diference between simple and almost impossible.

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