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    Move VM from one server to another using Local Repositories

      There is the following structure:
      ovhost-01 with first_repo
      ovhost-02 with second_repo

      Oracle VM version: 3.1.1

      Both first_repo and second_repo are Local Repositories.
      On ovhost-01 I have VM named "TestOVM" with status Stopped .

      Move VM from ovhost-01 to ovhost-02 using "Clone or Move" section from VM Manager ( http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E27300_01/E27309/html/vmusg-vm-manage.html#vmusg-vm-move )
      Whenever I try VM moving virtual disk stays on the first_repo.
      With shared NFS-storage this feature working well.

      Is it possible to move VM from one server to another with Local Repositories ?