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      • 15. Re: ADF 11g upload file
        Timo Hahn
        Is your code called?
        Have you used a debugger to step through the code?
        IS the file stored in the tmp folder?

        • 16. Re: ADF 11g upload file
          Hi timo ,
          When I run my jspx page.. the page is not displayed correctly. for example I didnt get the upload input to try to upload a file. things are messed up on the page. I think the problem is in the jspx page.
          so I want first the jspx to display correctly and than i will try to upload a file .

          The jspx page is supposed to have an image , an input link , train buttons , command band .. when i run it I only see an image.

          • 17. Re: ADF 11g upload file
            Check if your image component is correct, or the component beneath your image.
            You might added a " or something similar so the rest of your components won't be rendered.
            • 18. Re: ADF 11g upload file
              hiii ,

              the jspx page is now working correctly but the upload code is not... I posted the code .. do u have any idea what is wrong ?.. when i click upload I got an error ( null pointer exception... )

              I aslo have a wizard.. and the upload page is the 3rd and last page of the wizzard.. I have problems with the cancel button ( cancel button suppose to cancel the wizard.. command button) and the next ( next iza a train button ).. any ideas ?

              the cancel error :
              From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:

              10.4.5 404 Not Found

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