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    Custom Software Development

      I am looking for an API that I could use to download my company's data from the Agile server into my software memory, removing the need for our employees to manually download data files into a folder and having our custom CAD tools read from there.

      Ex: Automation suite uses templates to output data. Which template to use is decided by user in software I designed. My software then goes into Agile, downloads the latest version of the template and uses it to create the output document, which is then saved into the project folder it is associated with.

      Thank you for your guidance and hopefully answer. I've spent over an hour looking for an answer to this but Oracle is too big and the forums are endless. I'm not doing the right query to get my answer because I don't know the Agile system.

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          Hello, is this question for Agile A9?
          This forum is for the Agile PLM for Process product suite.
          For Agile A9 or Primavera questions, you can use Oracle Support, Support Communities, Yahoo Groups for Agile API or WRAU.
          This forum is for Agile PLM for Process, which is part of the same Agile family but a different product.