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    Use $PROFILES$.MFG_ORGANIZATION_ID to set DFF values in eAM Self Service (W

      Hi All

      Problem Description
      I try to set the Reference field for the DFF (Application: Work in Process, Title:Work Request Information), with "$PROFILES$.MFG_ORGANIZATION_ID".
      This flexfield is for Self service of maintenance OA Framework. This doesn't work in web application.

      I used similar case ($Profiles$.Mfg_organization_id Is Not Be Set For Self Service In Eam. [ID 1317753.1]) but didn’t work , below is the code we have used which mentioned in this document and following the same steps

      ProfileStore profilestore =
      String profileval = profilestore.getProfile("MFG_ORGANIZATION_ID");
      if(profileval==null || profileval.equals("") )
      profilestore.setProfile("MFG_ORGANIZATION_ID",orgid) ;

      please any help???