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    Cannot Complie Contributor Interface

      Today I ran into an error where the Contributor interface is not loading. When I checked my sites logs I found the following error

      Caused by: weblogic.servlet.jsp.CompilationException: Failed to compile JSP /jsp/cs_deployed/UI/Layout/LeftNavigationAction.jsp
      LeftNavigationAction.jsp:145:37: The method join(Iterator, String) in the type StringUtils is not applicable for the arguments (List<String>, String)
      treeData.put("tabs", StringUtils.join(filteredTabs, ","));

      LeftNavigationAction.jsp:149:44: The method join(Iterator, String) in the type StringUtils is not applicable for the arguments (List<String>, String)
      treeData.put("excludetabs", StringUtils.join(excludedTabs, ","));


      at weblogic.servlet.jsp.JavelinxJSPStub.reportCompilationErrorIfNeccessary(JavelinxJSPStub.java:226)
      at weblogic.servlet.jsp.JavelinxJSPStub.compilePage(JavelinxJSPStub.java:162)
      at weblogic.servlet.jsp.JspStub.prepareServlet(JspStub.java:256)
      at weblogic.servlet.jsp.JspStub.prepareServlet(JspStub.java:216)
      at weblogic.servlet.internal.ServletStubImpl.execute(ServletStubImpl.java:244)
      ... 104 more

      I am not really sure what I am doing wrong with my server, but this is keeping me from moving forward with my work. Has anyone seen this issue before?

      System information
      OS: Windows Server 2008 R2
      Java: JRockit JDK-1.6.0_37-R28.25-4.1.0
      App Server: Weblogic 10.3
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          Did you do they following:

          For the WebCenter Sites Contributor interface to load properly, edit the setDomainEnv.sh file under the <domain_home>/bin directory and add the commons-lang-2.4.jar file, used by WebCenter Sites, to the PRE_CLASSPATH as follows:

          <webcenter_sites_webapplication>/WEB-INF/lib/commons-lang 2.4.jar:$PRE_CLASSPATH"

          From the installation manual...
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            make sure your classpath contains the ... commons-lang-2.4.jar. you can find this Jar under your CS webapp web-inf/lib folder.

            I updated that jar file in classpath of startWeblogic.bat which solved my issue.


            Hope you should resolved that issue by now, if not try this approach.