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    Date (Range) Prompt to update page reports


      First I'd like to say that I am a beginner sql developer and completely new to apex. I've been thrown into it and I am learning as I go. With that in mind please forgive me for asking some, probably, obvious questions. Thanks in advance for any help.

      My page has one prompt, Time Period, a drop down box with the following values: Select Time Period (Null Display Value), Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year, Select Dates. Based on this selection I want to do a couple of things.

      My prompt is built off a static list of values and returns 1,2,3,4,5 according to the selection.

      How or where do I need to use a case or if/else statement to first check that prompt value and then define my start and end date? I'm quite confused as to whether I should be using a computation or a process or maybe something else..