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    Users and Administrators

      I am creating a Oracle Apex application.

      My question:

      The application has two sides; Administration and Users. The purpose of administration is to assign users to groups.

      Users should only be able to access information - groups they have been assigned.

      For example; Mr A. is assigned to group A. Mr B is assigned to group B. Mr C is assigned to group A, B and C.

      Users should only be allowed access to areas they are assigned to and not administrative controls. The users should have a different view to that of administrators.

      Is this possible? I'm finding Oracle Apex difficult to get my head-around!
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          I hope documentation helps you get started

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            Vite DBA

            what you are describing is is definitely achievable with Apex, see Authorisation, but as Jari points out, a good place to start is the documentation. There are also other resources such as tutorials and blogs. Have a good look around the OTN Application Express website and that will lead you to many learning resources.


            There are also some good tutorials at


            which itself is an Apex application.

            The best way to get good value out of this forum and the people who help out here is to ask questions that are more specific to a particular problem and not expect the forum to be an alternative to reading documentation, doing tutorials and experimenting with your own applications.

            Hope this helps.