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    Peopletools 8.52 and SES configuration

    Naveen Paulraj
      Hi all,
      This is a fresh SES installation with Demo database Peopletools 8.52 and HCM 9.1. With RDBMS Oracle (unicode database).
      I downloaded the software from edelivery and installed complete installation using the reference guide.
      Configuring Integration Between PeopleSoft PeopleTools and Oracle SES

      After performing all the steps in the chapter, It failed in the verification when performing the peopletools> search framework > administration> diagnostics
      It fails in deployment stage.
      Undeploying. Cleaning up any data previous run
      Undeploy completed
      Deploying search definition
      Exception caught while adding peoplesoft source SES Login Failed. Error with IdentityPlugin.validateUser:
      oracle.search.sdk.common.PluginException: oracle.j2ee.ws.saaj.ContentTypeException: Not a valid SOAP Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
      at oracle.search.plugin.security.identity.psft.PsftIdentityPlugin.validateUser(PsftIdentityPlugin.java:334)
      at oracle.search.query.internal.AuthnTask.run(AuthnTask.java:136)

      I saw one support article 1478247.1 and verified the password are same in Peoplesoft and SES. But still seeing the error.
      E-SES: Getting "Exception Caught While Adding PeopleSoft Source SES Login Failed. (262,129)" During Round-Trip Test [ID 1478247.1]

      Also I created a SR with Oracle support, As this one is not in Production, it may take few days to address. If anyone had similar issues and resolved, please respond. Thanls.
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          Have a look this blog and see if you have missed any steps:

          Like the MOS doc says your already found verify if you use the correct password in PeopleSoft and SES for the Federated trusted entity.

          Also after I had configured PeopleSoft & SES, I was able to deploy the search indexes, but no search results were returned regardless of what I was searching.
          My issue was that I had defined the HTTPS target location on the service configuration whereas PIA was not configured for HTTPS.
          Feed framework was sending the header in HTTP, but the search details were defined as HTTPS.
          After removing the HTTPS target location in PeopleSoft and rebuilding the search index I was able to get search result.

          Hope this helps.

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            Naveen Paulraj
            Hi Hakan,Thanks for responding. I saw your blog and I performed all the steps as stated in the blog. I verified the passwords between SES and Peoplesoft and recreated the search instance and configuration. My setup is pretty simple and it is all over http protocol and no firewall . I am not sure which log files to send to Support to troubleshoot further.
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              Please have a look at this doc before logging a call.

              PeopleSoft HCM 9.1: PeopleSoft SES Search (Application Search and Search Pages) [ID 1373050.1]

              This doc contains a admin and troubleshooting guide as attachment.

              Are you sure Integration Broker is properly configured, for example is the keystore password encrypted, a common forgetten step.

              Are you able to ping SES on the search instance properties page?

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                Naveen Paulraj
                These all the check I did
                1) Integration gateway -Local gateway was able to ping and it was showing sucess in both Local gateway and nodes page
                2) Pub/sub services are up and checking in Domain status page and they are all active.
                3) Search instance page, I am able to ping search server and also login was success.
                4) keystore password is encrypted- Checked
                5) Federated trusted entity is created in SES with the same password as in Seach instance page in Peoplesoft.
                If there are any steps that come to your mind. let me know.
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                  I was wondering if you were able to resolve this. I have the same issue and have a case open with Oracle as well, but no response yet.

                  Thank you.
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                    Okay right after posting I realized the issue was due to an issue with the naming of the urls

                    1. On the SES side, under Identity management setup the end point for the configuration has to be

                    2. On the Integration broker --> Configuration --> Gateways the url is

                    3. On the Integration broker --> Configuration --> Service Configuration --> Setup Target Locations the URL has to be same as in 1

                    The URL for 1 and 3 has the word Service in it.

                    Doing this resolved the issue for me. I updated the oracle case as well to reflect this. Hopefully this will resolve your issue as well.
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                      Hi All



                      I have searched with keyword "corporate" in my PIA page and all the link came and  After that I have clicked on "Career Plan - Cynthia Adams | Empl ID: KU0101". But the page is not opening. Can you please tell me the solution?