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    11gR2 rac voting disks/ocr on asm disks using external redundancy

      Hi guys,

      I am planning on setting up a 11gR2 RAC environment using SAN with hardware raid redundancy for the ASM disks. I've been looking at different blogs, white papers and docs and am little unclear on a couple points.

      1) Should I store the voting disks/ocr in a separate disk group than the +DATA disk group?  Behind the scenes both disk groups would end up using different LUNs from the same SAN server. 

      2) Using external redundancy for the voting disks results in the creation of a single voting disk. Is there any harm to having a single voting disk when using external hardware redundancy? Or should I create 3 disks and assign them to the voting disks/ocr diskgroup and set the redundancy to normal so that 3 voting disks get created? I am just unclear if this would result in any benefit given that I have external hardware redundancy.

      Thanks much,