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    Able to unrack an exadata and put the components back into another cage?

      (At risk of asking a stupid question, i've searched around but couldnt find an answer.)
      Is it possible to take the servers/racks out of a standard exadata cage, and stick it into an equivalent cage?

      I understand that exadata comes pre-racked, to be simply plugged in for ease of installation.
      however, I've been told our datacentre is supposed to be a certified to some sort of 'green' which has racks built in a custom format which allows better cooling. The PROBLEM with this is that custom cages like Oracle's Exadata and Sparc Super Clusters are not allowed (this is what the data centre manager is telling us DBA's).

      Somebody suggested to take exadata's components out of the cage and stick them / cable them in the same order into our equivalent 'green' racks. I'm suspicious that this voids the warranty, but thought i'd ask what the larger oracle population has done with this type of situation. i'm sure we're not the first client to have encountered this.