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    Conditional Colouring of Waterfall Graph/Chart

      Hello to all OBIEE people

      Im trying to set the colour 'RED' to a section of the graph when there is a negative variance compared to the previous value

      There are 6 values in the graph/chart and they are in this order:
      Revenue, Committed, HL, ONW, Adjustments, Revenue_Year_End.

      I say 'values' because they are all values from the same column called (Measure).

      What im trying to do is have any value turn RED when its worth less then the previous one. So if ONW = 6 and Adjustments = 5 then Adjustments turns RED and so on....

      Would that be possible given that they are all values from the same column (Measure) or is there an actuial way that it can be done?

      Here is a link of what the chart currently looks like:

      Any reply is much appreciated!

      Thank you

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