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    Question on Restore,Recovery from Image Copy in RAC

      Platform : AIX 6

      Found the following in

      SYS@DBTEST>startup mount
      SYS@DBTEST>switch database to copy;
      SYS@DBTEST>Recovery the database;
      SYS@DBTEST>Alter database open;
      The author of the blog says
      "Please note that we didn’t restore backup from backup disk or media, we have pointed the database to backup. "

      So, how will this work for restores in RAC ? Because, after the 'switching' to a datafile which is now disk based only one of the instance will be able to acess that datafile. Right ?
      Even if we be cross-mount the backup location to both nodes , the datafile will still not be in the ASM diskgroup where it was originally stored ?